Future Archaeology


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future archaeology (2010) by Armin Linke and Francesco Mattuzzi, is part of the project – Decolonizing Architecture – by Sandi Hilal, Alessandro Petti and Eyal Weizman.

Whatever trajectory the confict about Palestine takes, the possibility of an evacuation of the Israeli colonies and military bases has to be taken into consideration. These areas are a laboratory in which we could imagine a new use for the architecture of occupation at the moment it is liberated from power that dominates it.
Recognizing that colonies and military bases are among the most brutal forms of the domination, the Bethlehem based collective Decolonizing Architecture assumes that questions regarding their re-appropriation has not be found not only in the technical vocabulary of architecture and planning but in an inclusive process that uses architecture in its extended meaning.
The use of stereoscopy offers a new dimension to the vision of space and to the understanding of colonization. The entire flm becomes a sort of magic box in which the gaze travels across a surreal world that is possibly facing a moment of radical transformation. it is at the same time a document of a specifc site in a specifc period. As opposed to the images saturating our media screens, the stereoscopic visions linger over the banality of everyday life, revealing and unveiling the violence and drama of occupation