Planck Films is an indipendent production company based in Milan city (Italy, western Alps).
The company was founded in 2015 by Francesco Mattuzzi.
The video and film production activity started in 2010 with Future Archaeology, shown at the 67th Venice cinema Biennale, orizzonti competition and in a more than 20 film festival around the world.
In 2012 Shapes, a short film essay, produced within the cooperation of the Adriano Olivetti Foundation has been presented to the Architecture Venice Biennale and to the Italian Culture Institute of Moscow.
In 2014 Pianeta Bianco a short film mountain has been presented to the Trento Film Festival and many other festival around Italy.
In 2015 Eyelid a medium lenght film documentary about a contemporary architecture in Caucasus has been selected to the CPH:DOX in Copenhagen, AFFR (architecture film festival of Rotterdam), Trento Film Festival and other festival around Europe.
For the 2016, Francesco Mattuzzi has been invited as director to the Berlinale Talent in Berlin.